Cynthia Baker, Handweaver in Lancaster County, PA

Cynthia Baker, Handweaver

Fine Handwovens for You and Your Home

Welcome to my website.  In these pages you will find fine handwoven scarves and shawls, table runners, kitchen towels and placemats.  The scarves can be accompanied by felted hats.  All pieces are created using the finest materials available  and finished by hand.  Please let me know if I can create a custom order for you or your home. 

I'm happy to announce that I can weave  old fashioned kitchen roller toweling  for your old house kitchen!   Please contact me for color and pattern choices available.  We have been using my handwoven kitchen towels for 15 years and still haven't worn one out!

I have been weaving from my home studio for more than twenty years.  I take inspiration from the farm fields and trees and rich history surrounding our Lancaster County home. 

I'm pleased to announce that I've been selected for the 2016 Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen for Early American Life Magazine.